Karaoke Night

Every Wednesday from 8-Midnight

The Loft will be hosting Karaoke Night every Wednesday starting at 8pm. Grab your friends and your favorite drop shots and join others in belting out your favorite songs to a crowd that doesn't just include your dog!

Who knows...you could very well launch your solo career. 

Fake Patty's Day

March 11th, 2017

Not everyone can call off work or school to hang out for the real St. Patty's day so come to the Loft during Fake Patty's day and celebrate all day with us starting at 11AM! Eat a balanced breakfast and head our way!


T-Shirts - $10 Crew Necks - $15 Hoodies - $20

T-Shirts - $10 Crew Necks - $15 Hoodies - $20

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